Business Credit Builder Services

​Blue Diamond Business Solutions LLC (BDBS) acts as a trusted team of advisors for small to mid-sizes organization's strategic planning. BDBS assists management and its employees in enhancing the analytical capabilities, thus improving the over-all decision-making skills. BDBS, we measure, recording, and track performance metrics, which allows upper management to establish new goals. Provide useful for identifying new and emerging market trends. The identification of these specific trends helps organizations gain a competitive advantage by introducing new products or services. BDBS will bring the benefits of its analytics production, data science, which assists the company to become more efficient. We use the insights of organization and industry achievement.

 BDBS will consist of identifying areas of improvement with organizations. The discovery of inconsistencies with the help of elastic search in the organizational processing and established SAS system, the strategy saves a company the unnecessary task and the migration of risks. Our organization uses key elements with customer's features, which assists with the determination and targeting a customer's base for precision services or products. We help companies' recruit vital personnel to achieve their organizational goals.

Weekly Payments

$175.00 / week for 12 weeks and a $700.00 sign-up fee

​Monthly Payments

$500.00 / month for 5 months with a $700.00 sign-up fee

​Onetime Payment

One time payment of $2,500 with no sign-up fee