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The 3 Biggest Differences between Personal Credit Scores and Business Credit Scores

There are many differences between personal and business credit scores. One fundamental difference between consumer and business scores is the time frame the scores gauge someone’s risk of default over. A business credit score is a mathematical model that is used to depict a business’s risk of going 90 days late on an account within […]

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Success again was achieved… $250,000.00 in Business Revenue financing!

  Our client from Illinois was in need of financing for equipment and supplies for a big job. This financing provides him the ability to achieve business goals in the time frames he has set out. He didn’t have time for a lengthy underwriting process so he knew just the place to come to that […]

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Success once again South Carolina… $120,000.00 in Business Revenue financing!

  Our client wanted financing to start working on consolidating a loan and remodeling . This financing will allow his company to stand out among the rest of its peers. We are so pleased that our client because of the financing he obtained and the quickness of it, he has many new opportunities opened to […]

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Exceeded our Client’s Expectations… $58, 029.00 in Business Revenue financing!

  Our client had some stumbling blocks because of unresolved items on their personal credit.  We were able to do what other financial institutions couldn’t.  Our client had a detailed plan for some marketing endeavors needed for continued growth in the company.   Since the client received the financing desired and more, new opportunities have presented […]

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